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A Beautiful Quote From A Beautiful Book

“Beauty exists where you least expect to find it.”
― Gail Tsukiyama, The Samurai’s Garden

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Compare Yourself!

Have you ever been to the gym and beaten yourself up (even the slightest bit) about how you wished you could be fitter? Have you ever uber bad for yourself after looking a friend and their success on a test or class? Have you ever just felt bad for no reason after comparing yourself to another person?

Due to times we live in and the world around us, it seems as though everyone is comparing themselves to other people.  And unfortunately, I am a very big culprit of this! The purpose of this post is to help as many people as possible (including myself) to stop this. Our society as a whole needs to learn where to draw the line on how and when we should compare ourselves to others. This is quite a difficult task, because there is a very fine line between the good and the bad. There are indeed some instances where one should indeed compare themselves to others, but usually the main purpose of this should be motivation and inspiration. The moment the comparison makes you feel even the slightest bit bad about yourself is probably an indicator that things might take a turn for the worst.

Call to action!: To help combat this problems society, do your best to be able to look at someone you wish to be like and truly compliment, and then if possible ask them for good advice on how you can improve! This may seem hard and pointless, but it truly will help you succeed in life. This can increase positivity, encourage growth, provide inspiration and develop new relationships!

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The Easiest Fudge Recipe – It Tastes Amazing!

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Most people think that fudge is really hard to make and consists of a lot of different steps. But over the past few years, I have found and perfected an easy and delicious fudge recipe that can complete in less than 15 minutes. This recipe calls for 3 cups of semi-sweet chocolate chips, 1 (14-ounce) can of condensed milk, a little bit of butter and 1/2 tsp of instant coffee powder to really add a little depth and to amp up the chocolate. One of the best parts of this is that you can really be creative, for example, you can choose to make this with white chocolate, make a marbled fudge, add nuts, add different flavors like butterscotch. This is an amazing recipe for anyone who loves chocolate, has 15 minutes. So keep reading if you would like a recipe for this amazing fudge!

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Time – An Understanding That People Need to Understand

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(Yay if you know what this clock is referrring to)

Throughout my life my parents have always repeated the words “Time lost can never be be gained” This may sound uber ominous and dark, but in reality this is an essential truth that should be understood by most people (unless you create a time machine 😉 ), because this really can change how you think about your actions and the word around you. For example, this can (and probably should) affect your productivity, how you choose to spend your time and how you think about the future.

I just wanted to share this to help with the winter lazies , I’m not sure if there a real colloquial term for this,  but I definitely suffer from it (LOL)

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Things to do this Summer

  • Here is a short list of things you can do this summer.
  • Start a blog:)
  • Find a good book to read
  • Meet some new people
  • Go Window Shopping
  • Get a cool job if you don’t have one already
  • Work Out
  • Go on a roadtrip by yourself or with friends and family
  • Try something new Go to your local aquatic center
  • Have a sleepover with your closest friends
  • Watch a  lot of Netflix
  • Watch Gossip Girl 🙂
  • Play Truth or Dare
  • Learn something new
  • Try something new – Foodwise
  • Cook something new
  • Bake something
  • Organize your room/house
  • Volunteer at a nonprofit
  • Raise money for Charity
  • Get Healthy
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Things I’m Grateful For

I really wanted to take a minute to reflect on what I am thankful for and to appreciate what I have.

  • My wonderful and extra supportive family – I am grateful for everyone in my family. We might not be perfect, but they are amazing and I don’t know what life would be like without them
  • My quirky and awesome friends – These people are an important part of my life, and have really impacted my life in a major way. They have been there for me, they laugh with me, they cry with me and they are almost always with me.
  • Education – The power that education has given me power that can not be compared to many other things other than the next thing on this list.
  • My Voice – My voice gives me the power to do what I want to and to believe what I want to.
  • My Body – The vessel that allows me to do what I do.
  • My Community – Filled with a plethora of different kinds of people that inspire me every single day
  • Food – I think that everyone who has food is lucky, and should be grateful for it
  • Special Moments – This doesn’t just describe 1 special moments but a bunch of moments that really did change me to my core
  • Teachers – I really do appreciate all of the teachers that I have, because of the fact that most of them really do care about me and my education.
  • Life – I appreciate the life that I have, and everything that I have done with it.
  • Opportunities – I appreciate every opportunity that I have ever been given, and everything I have been able to do with my life.
  • Mistakes – I am thankful for some of the mistakes that I have made and seen, because they have given me the opportunity  learn from past mistakes